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Woxide is an Oxide plugin that streamlines the process of integrating your Rust server with your WeOxide Shop.

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Mantra [HDRP] 1.0.0


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34 Screenshots

  • The map cannot be edited or changed during the purchase!
  • Size 2000
  • Entities 10 - 12k


  • This map is great for servers who want something dark and scary for Halloween.
  • On the map, almost every monument is associated with skulls and something ancient and unusual.
  • Spawn on the map is implemented through a system of portals.
  • Players will appear there more often than on the usual shore. Players will not be able to build around portals.
  • There is a colosseum on the map where you can hold events for players.

Custom Monuments:


  • - Bottle Town x1745214715_1(2).thumb.jpg.12cee724dde69613546ea44734820cc6.jpg
  • - AvoTear x1 828319487_1(2).thumb.jpg.26123da0196017b71a7ab5971181510e.jpg
  • - Skull Cave x1888948724_1(12).thumb.jpg.fc41851c43eaa3feca5f48647cfd4029.jpg
  • - Eye Cave x1886981196_1(1).thumb.jpg.a987429a503b0a24753ff4d5f0193e6c.jpg
  • - Titan Cave x1890406607_(2).thumb.jpg.c7bb25d85a57ee40accdf90e6505ff6f.jpg
  • - Chaos Cave x11156138398_(3).thumb.jpg.124ad0615b546459573d69dea802872f.jpg
  • - Trident Cave Underwater x21098883171_1(14).thumb.jpg.21cebb911666d7a6e99bf388efd94c2e.jpg
  • - Lonely Tower x1998775710_1(1).thumb.jpg.afd9b8ddf396c7984305a90c9308446b.jpg
  • - Twins Cave x11308392147_1(1).thumb.jpg.60272642376eb0cde7950aec05cbe772.jpg
  • - Portal x62021-09-13-22-24-21.thumb.jpg.9f72f691af3f72c118b206f65a491735.jpg
  • - itildin Door x12021-09-20-01-13-24.thumb.jpg.0cb8cfd31a662bdb33e2927c73aca995.jpg
  • -Skorm Arena(Colosseum) x1 2021-09-13-21-49-21.thumb.jpg.ed26c52224d8f0deaaca8cd6ff047318.jpg



Facepunch Monuments:


  • - Bandit Camp
  • - Cave Medium Hard
  • - Outpost
  • - Fishing Village A/
  • - HQM Quarry 
  • - Sulfur Quarry x1
  • - Lighthouse x2
  • - Oilrig 1
  • - Oilrig 2
  • - Harbor
  • - Satellite Dish
  • - Junkyard
  • - Mining Outpost x3
  • - Oxum`s Gas Station x3
  • - Underwater Lab x2
  • - Ranch

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The products, whether modified or not, and all intellectual property and copyright contained therein,
are and shall at all times remain our sole and exclusive property. You agree that under no circumstances,
whether the product has been modified or not, shall you have or attempt to claim ownership of any intellectual property rights or copyright in the product.
You can only use this for your server, for your own personal purposes.
You are prohibited from reselling and distributing this content to others.
You are not allowed to impersonate my content as a rework or not.

After posting this content on your map, please in case you break it. Before saving, re-create all my content in the custom prefab.
(This is a required condition)

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