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South America

This is a free download custom map (Procedural map) outlining South America and its surroundings with some custom monuments that will be added in later versions.
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Hydrae Oxide

Hydrae Oxide 4K is our second free map project
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AutoCopter brings you all the tools needed to survive the Rust Apocalypse while flying in your private helicopter.
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Tanks Factory

This is great alternative of Launch Site. For looting needs red card.
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Cobalt Police Department

Custom Monument for RUST
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Featured Downloads

  • Home Alone By Shiro

    • $4.99
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    entity count: 2664 Multi leveled floors with red card room and lots of loot each level, NO NPC's added. You can add yourself.  Rust Edit NPC's dont work well on this prefab. Better Npc's works amazing  on this prefab and you can kit them out. This is a great prefab to add to your server for the Holiday Season that the players will love looting! Recycler x 1 located in Basement  
  • Deutschland 4K By Shiro

    • $25
    • 0 reviews
    • 5
    • 4
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    Deutschland 4K has been made after the shape of Germany (Deutschland) in collaboration with  @Ixis to resemble the country's tactical monument placements and several aspects , maps terrain and roadside / miscellaneous prefabs spread around were placed to encourage players interactions and PVP , it features all popular procgen monuments and couple custom monuments aswell. This map features Colditz from Niko , couple prefabs amd  from me along with  the garage monument  and monuments/prefabs f
  • The Oxide Custom Map By Shiro

    The Oxide is a free custom map from an upcomming series we will shortly release , it features vanilla monuments and a few custom freebies from Niko, Pravum and Star . Terrain , topology and layout was made by Shiro and DocNorris Map Size : 4000 Entity Count : 12210  
  • rust Hydrae Oxide By Shiro

    Hydrae Oxide 4K is our second free map project that i started in november featuring custom monuments and prefabs from our vendors , unfortunately back then we were not able to release it due to issues with Linux servers hosting this map , so i had to redo whole map from 0 after my medical break! Finally i picked up the project again in February and worked on it every x days when i found time and now it is here ! Featuring monuments and prefabs , freebies from our vendors! Map has unique la

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