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South America

This is a free download custom map (Procedural map) outlining South America and its surroundings with some custom monuments that will be added in later versions.
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Hydrae Oxide

Hydrae Oxide 4K is our second free map project
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AutoCopter brings you all the tools needed to survive the Rust Apocalypse while flying in your private helicopter.
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Tanks Factory

This is great alternative of Launch Site. For looting needs red card.
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Cobalt Police Department

Custom Monument for RUST
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    • Thank you for the ideea but for that you would need a plugin like Statistics , there is one already made that can be used along with the template.
    • Hello, very great website design, keep it up. As a small idea, a leaderboard for the website would be really nice.   I hope it's ok that I write it here
    • File data is corrupted or the ZIP file cannot be extracted.
    • View File Ocean Of Mysteries Hey everyone. Ocean of Mysteries is now 2 years old. What a great journey. Thank you all for the support. Have a great day. This is a monument designed for some activities under the water, including a hidden laboratory with a secret. It all started when a Cargo ship mysteriously disappeared when it came to the island like it usually does. No traces of it were found up to now. But what is even more mysterious is the area around the ship. In between the rocks is an entrance to even more mystery. What is beneath the surface? FEATURES OF OCEAN OF MYSTERIES: NPC Scientists are protecting the Lab, take extreme precaution. GREEN, BLUE and RED keycard puzzles are inside the Lab, there are keycard desks for the BLUE and RED cards. Loot are ranged from starter loot to end-game loot. There are Elite crates, military crates and many others. A locked crate is also located in the RED keycard room. CCTV cameras are available for strategic purposes. (Use LABXX, where XX is from 01 to 10) Utilities included is a Recycler, Repair Bench and a Level 1 Workbench (To refill your oxygen gas tank) About 550 Prefabs in total. Included is the Height, Splat, Topology and Alpha settings. Perfect underwater monument to install to any map. Installation: When placing Ocean Of Mysteries, please ensure that the terrain height is at the maximum height of 430. (Any higher then this may cause the in-game Cargo ship event or the monument to appear above the water level and spoil the diving experience for your players.) Requirements:  Ocean of Mysteries requires either of the following for the spawning of loot, NPC, APC and all puzzles to be active : Either latest versions of Oxide and the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll file in the servers Rust_Dedicated\Managed folder. Or the latest version of the Carbon in-game system. Thank you very much for your time and have a great day. Submitter gpsmit84 Submitted 02/15/2022 Category Monuments  
    • View File Aimtrain DIY Kit Do you want to create or start your own Aimtrain server, or just like to add a custom PVP arena or Bot training arena to your map? Here is an easier way to design and customize your own arenas. KEY FEATURES: ARENA DESIGNERS - Easy to install with predefined Height, Splat and Road Spawn settings included. - Various included placeable prefabs to add to your arenas, or you can design any of your own. - Various sizes available. All arenas includes a spectator glass box for players to watch the events.   + Round shaped arenas: 50M, 75M, 100M, 125M, 150M and 200M.   + Square shaped arenas: 100M, 200M, 300M and a Glass Cage design of 300M (Great for minicopter flight combat) - A Natural set of a River designed arena for the classic open-combat. SPAWN LOBBY - Enclosed with a beautiful cliff edge, and surrounded by grass landscape. - 6 Arena rooms, each with 5 arena entrances. - Signs to advertise your Arenas, or for your sponsors. - 3 pre-set Spawn Points for players joining your server. (Requires Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll file to be installed.) - Easy to adjust or customize your Lobby further from within RustEdit.   SAMPLE MAP A sample 4500 map is included, pre designed with various arena sizes to get you started. PLEASE NOTE: This package is only the prefabs to create arenas for your map, you will still need to use a Game Manager or Event Management plugin. If you need help, have problems, or for any questions, please feel free to join my Discord or DM me, gpsmit84#5963. Thank you very much for your time and have a great day. Submitter gpsmit84 Submitted 02/15/2022 Category Prefabs  
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