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    • View File Ksp-Outpost Delta Rust Monument Here we have a Custom version of the safezone 'Compound/Outpost' Monument. This version is more modern looking and more updated then the original. Also now with a triple rail train station, 3 tracks. 2 Platforms with a walk over bridge should you get off on the wrong side 🙂  Car access like the original but with an additional car park.  It has the following Vending Machines Building Components Extra 1 Output Outfitters Resource Exchange Tools & Stuff Weapons + Workbench lvl3 Repair Bench 1 Large Furnace Research Table 1 Large Military crate hidden in the cab of the container lift Usable Car Lift Height and Splat masks Also includes the Airwolf Npc vendor & Helipad  Submitter RustyK Submitted 02/19/2024 Category Monuments  
    • View File Counter-Strike Office (Monument & Arena) A remake of the OG cs_office map and it is set in the winter in a office building with parking areas and outside yards.  Counter-Terrorists (CT) spawn zone is in a parking garage while the Terrorists are inside the offices. Counter-Terrorists can enter the offices by the front entrance, back hallway or through the glass windows. Near their spawn are rooms which can be used for sniping. There is also a backyard and a hallway at the back of the garage which leads to the offices. This path is connected to the main hallway and leads directly to the Terrorist spawn. The zip file contains a monument version and arena version. For monument version i have added NPC spawns and some loot locations and a drop spawn on helipad on top of the building so Chinook will eventually fly by it and drop a locked crate on the helipad, adjust the loot as you please as personally i like the more cleaner look of it as it now. Submitter Shiro Submitted 02/15/2024 Category Monuments  
    • View File Off-Shore Safezone Off-Shore Safezone is a monument combining elements from large fishing village + bandit camp along with some Compound Vending Machines. Ease of access to boat & air vendors all in same spot. Vending Machines for Attire , Building , Components , Resources , Tools , Weapons , Vehicles and Fish are present. Gambling amenities are present in the standard Bandit Barge docked behind the wooden cabins. Marketplace is present for exchange of resources between different vending machine locations from monuments/players. Submitter Shiro Submitted 02/15/2024 Category Monuments  
    • View File awp_lego II (2 pack) Upon loading, you will receive two versions of my prefab:  one with fog and the other without fog.  The map is perfect for training with friends and can also be used for PvP servers.  You can integrate it into your regular survival server as well. Discord Submitter BanditFrost Submitted 02/10/2024 Category Monuments  
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