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South America

This is a free download custom map (Procedural map) outlining South America and its surroundings with some custom monuments that will be added in later versions.
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Hydrae Oxide

Hydrae Oxide 4K is our second free map project
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AutoCopter brings you all the tools needed to survive the Rust Apocalypse while flying in your private helicopter.
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Tanks Factory

This is great alternative of Launch Site. For looting needs red card.
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Cobalt Police Department

Custom Monument for RUST
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Message added by Shiro,

List your server on GamesFinder.net and get more players and visibility!

Need help or have questions ? Join the discord https://discord.gg/Nbk6eEys2D

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GFVoter it's a voting rewards system for Rust servers listed on GamesFinder.net.

 It's designed to reward players for voting for your server/s on gamesfinder.net and players earn points by doing so which they can then redeem for in-game rewards. 

What is GamesFinder.net? It's a new platform designed for server owners to list and describe their servers better with more options and gives the players the ability to search for a server easier tailored to their needs and get rewards by voting the server.


  • Vote Tracking: Players can vote for the server on the website, and their votes are tracked.
  • Rewards: Players can exchange their accumulated points for rewards. Rewards can be items and executed commands or kits.
  • Cooldown Management: Ensures players can't spam vote claims by implementing a cooldown system.
  • Vote Verification: Checks if a player has voted and then claims their reward via the API.
  • Custom Commands: Players can check their points, claim rewards, or view available rewards through chat commands.
  • Discord Integration: Option to send notifications to a Discord server when a vote is made or a reward is claimed.


gfvote "Amount" "PlayerName or SteamID" : Allows admins to manually add points to players (Console Command).

/claimpoint or /clp : Used by players to claim their voting points.

/rewardlist or /rl : Displays available rewards to players.

/claimreward or /cr : Players use this to claim a specific reward.
/checkpoints or /checkp : Check the amount of points earned.

Config Example :

  "Use discord webhook at vote": true,
  "Use discord webhook at claim": true,
  "Discord webhook": "Your discord server webhook",
  "Chat command to claim reward point": [
  "Chat command for check rewards": [
  "Chat command for get reward": [
  "Chat commands for checking points": [
  "GamesFinder API": "Your API from gamesfinder.net",
  "Rewards": {
    "economics": {
      "Display name for chat (if empty - use key or item name)": "x50 Economics",
      "NeedPoints": 3,
      "Type": 1,
      "Item": null,
      "Command (%STEAMID% - player user id)": "deposit %STEAMID% 50"
    "group": {
      "Display name for chat (if empty - use key or item name)": "x1 Group 'Member'",
      "NeedPoints": 10,
      "Type": 1,
      "Item": null,
      "Command (%STEAMID% - player user id)": "oxide.grant user %STEAMID% (Permission)"
    "sr": {
      "Display name for chat (if empty - use key or item name)": "x10 ServerRewards",
      "NeedPoints": 2,
      "Type": 1,
      "Item": null,
      "Command (%STEAMID% - player user id)": "sr add %STEAMID% 10"
    "wood": {
      "Display name for chat (if empty - use key or item name)": null,
      "NeedPoints": 1,
      "Type": 0,
      "Item": {
        "Shortname": "wood",
        "Amount": 1000,
        "SkinID": 0
      "Command (%STEAMID% - player user id)": null
  "Reminder message": "Hey! Don't forget to vote for our server on gamesfinder.net and claim your points.",
  "Reminder interval minutes": 15


As soon as you download you agree to the terms and conditions.

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By downloading my products and content you are not allowed to resell or use it for commercial use without permission.
This includes minor editing, modifying or renaming and using it for your own commercial applications.
Any redistribution is STRICTLY prohibited.

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