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South America

This is a free download custom map (Procedural map) outlining South America and its surroundings with some custom monuments that will be added in later versions.
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Hydrae Oxide

Hydrae Oxide 4K is our second free map project
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AutoCopter brings you all the tools needed to survive the Rust Apocalypse while flying in your private helicopter.
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Tanks Factory

This is great alternative of Launch Site. For looting needs red card.
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Cobalt Police Department

Custom Monument for RUST
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65 Screenshots

Hydra Isle 4K is a custom shaped Island initially made as a competitive comissioned map and we decided to publish it after half a year with a more procedural gameplay feeling to it.

Main Island is about 3K in size and the remaining 8 islands make up for the remaining space , the 8 islands surrounding main island were made with the purpouse that large groups would spawn on each island separate and they can go to main land by bridge to collect resources and take part in action.

All 8 islands have same amount of resources and pattern , 1 custom lighthouse inland , a river and a lake each one of the islands is connected by a bridge to the mainland.

There is no Launch Site on the map although Nuclear Power Plant was placed to replace Launch Site since it has puzzles , 2 hackable locked crates and a Bradley roaming outside entrance of it.

Map has a variety of roadside and inland hidden gems , small prefabs and monuments to get loot from and some even have puzzles!

If you need any changes to this map don't hesitate to contact me.

Procedural Monuments

  • Dome
  • Missile Silo
  • Satellite Dish
  • Power Plant
  • Train Yard
  • Sewer Branch
  • Mining Outposts
  • Gas Stations
  • SuperMarket
  • Large & Small Oil rig

Custom Monuments

  • The Heaps (Building Monument)
  • Warehouses (Puzzle + Hackable Locked Crate)
  • Nuclear Power Plant ( Puzzle + Hackable Locked Crate + Roaming Bradley outside)
  • OffShore Safezones , 4 placed on each direction of the map NSEW (Airwolf Vendor , Gambling , Boat Vendor , Vending Area)
  • Ravaged Lighthouses , 8 - 1 on each island
  • Finkelstein Lab - Small loot prefab inland
  • Drive In - Roadside loot prefab
  • Camp Blood - Roadside Loot Prefab
  • Bathory Mansion - Roadside Loot Prefab
  • Town Hall - Roadside Loot Prefab
  • Freddy Krueger Boiler Room - Inland loot prefab
  • Witches House - Inland loot prefab
  • Myers House - Inland loot prefab


Map Size : 4800 (4000 land)

Entity Count : 35401

Password included in ReadMe file.

This map is only for your own personal use not to share or resell or claim as your own.
Password included in ReadMe file.
Any changes you wish to make on the map and do not know how to you can notify me via support or discord without issues

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