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South America

This is a free download custom map (Procedural map) outlining South America and its surroundings with some custom monuments that will be added in later versions.
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Hydrae Oxide

Hydrae Oxide 4K is our second free map project
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AutoCopter brings you all the tools needed to survive the Rust Apocalypse while flying in your private helicopter.
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Tanks Factory

This is great alternative of Launch Site. For looting needs red card.
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Cobalt Police Department

Custom Monument for RUST
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Hydrae Oxide 4K is our second free map project that i started in november featuring custom monuments and prefabs from our vendors , unfortunately back then we were not able to release it
due to issues with Linux servers hosting this map , so i had to redo whole map from 0 after my medical break!
Finally i picked up the project again in February and worked on it every x days when i found time and now it is here ! Featuring monuments and prefabs , freebies from our vendors!
Map has unique landscape and base building opportunities , unique roadside loot locations and a large railway network system connecting all monuments together to ensure a pleasant
experience for the players while enjoying your server/s! 
You and your players will find exquisite monuments and easter eggs in those monuments which will make you giggle for sure!
Around the main island there are a couple small islands scattered for the hermits who want to build far from the others and have no neighbours.
Map is optimized for low entity count and proper terrain to ensure rendering is not a problem no  matter the PC specs!
The map features custom and procedural monuments 

Big thanks to @Abracadaverfor helping me with the electrics problem we had before publishing! Our featured files on this map are from @Niko@Ixis  @LAMBO7000 @Kahoand @38-Ra for his jetfighter and of  course me .
Password is NOT included! The map is just for personal use for your servers just like The Oxide map our first Free map project!

Put HydraeMapLock in oxide/plugins or else your server will not start!

~Procedural Monuments :
- Launch Site
- Excavator
- Military Tunnels
- Airfield
- Power Plant
- Water Treatment Plant
- Trainyard
- Sewerbranch
- Harbor
- Junkyard
- Sphere Tank
- Satellite Dish x2
- Desert Military Base
- Roadside monuments including  Supermarkets - Mining Outposts
- Fishing Villages
- Lighthouses
- Stables
- Supermarkets & Mining Outposts and Gas Stations
- Large and Small Oil Rigs
- Several underwater Labs

~ Custom Monuments & Prefabs:
- Museum Heist Monument
- Area 52 Monument
- Farm Monument
- FckboyShed
- Bandit Swamp
- Winter Cabin
- Ranger Lookout

- Offshore Bunker

~ Entity Count : 32058
~ Map Size : 4000.

What's New in Version v1.2.2


Added few side rails for trains to spawn naturally

Free to use not to claim as its own ,share or sell!
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Pretty cool for a free map.  I'm not sure about the thick dust and fog, but it's different.

The elevated train is pretty cool, but the tracks are not building blocked, which leads to some interesting gliches.  Trains can be driven through bases, players inside bases end up on the train, etcetera.  There's also a limited number of places that players can access the tracks, but I suppose they can attache ladders or build stairs, so that might be a feature.

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TheDervish banditcamp.com

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I want to adapt this Map for Roleplay and so I want to delete points like Gas Station. So can I buy the password for this map?

Response from the author:

Hello , sure , i can either remove them for you or you can have the password , contact me on discord , make a ticket!

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Best Free Map on the Planet! 💥 Usually something of this quality and detail is a Paid Map especially considering it has a fantastic above ground rail network running the entier map 10/10!! Highly Recommend

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